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Our products are manufactured by hand and made locally in Texas utilizing parts and materials from the U.S. We have several products currently available and several more currently in R&D that we expect to be released soon

Our owner is a competitive tactical shooter and had designed these devices for his own use. After years of development and many friends asking if he can make one for them, he is now making these products available for sale.

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** Always check your State & Local laws before purchasing firearm accessories! **

AK Accessories

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Brakes - Folding Modular Stock - Stock Adapter

Lefty Larry's

New Products in Development

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We have been busy in R&D are have some exciting new products we will be testing soon!
Active Duty Law Enforcement & Military
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Bipod Spikes  For Harris Bipods

Quick Brake & Accessories - Available Now!

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D.O.P.E. Board Sleeves - NOW IN!

Check out these sleeves to hold your DOPE and Data Cards.  Available in OD, Coyote Tan, and Multi Cam color options.

                     Wind Meter NOW IN

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About Us 

For the Tactical Marksman and Long Range Hunters!

Our current Products include Muzzle Brakes, compensator, DOPE Board, and TLD Mounts(Target Locating Device).  We have recently added to our line up the Quick Brake that is threaded for those who may want/need to turn off the brake. Accessories include the Optional Sleeve to turn off the brake and a Thread Protector.  

We are now offering SPECIALTY - SINGLE RUN BRAKES for single run options and include special thread and/or color options.  Please call for more details or see "Specialty - Single Run Brakes" category for specific options.

Occasionally we will include products that are not designed and manufactured by JEC Customs.  Some of our offers are by request and some work well with our products.  Either way, we strive to provide only the best products!